I Can’t Go

So, the music program at my school offered all of us in the program the chance to go to Chicago. I really wanted to go, but I can’t! I have an orchestra concert that is stopping me from going, and I’m so bummed out about it! Also, a lot of my friends are going, and that makes it even sadder because I know that I’ll be left behind.

I’ve wanted to go to Chicago for such a long time, because there is so much there. More than in my small city in Canada. One of those things is a harp factory. Not just any harp factory. The largest harp factory in North America! There are so many kinds that I would have liked to try, but now that I think about it, even if I had gone on the trip, we probably wouldn’t have gone there.

Yes, I really want to go to Chicago, but I made a commitment to orchestra, and I’m not backing out for anything.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but I do really hope that you all have a magical day!


Carried Away by My Random Thoughts

Confession time to make: I have actual conversations with myself in my head that I get carried away with. When I was younger, I would sometimes accidentally blurt it out, but I’ve controlled that. To follow up this confession, here’s a look into my head during one of these conversations:

“You know, maybe I should think about my History research essay topic.” “Oh no, I just got introduced to the assignment last period.” “I guess, but when is procrastinating ever good?” “Ah, the art of procrastinating.” “What on earth… Why would you consider procrastinating good?” “It makes your current life stress-free!” “Oh, if only my life was stress-free.” “Music is why my life isn’t stress-free.” “Don’t criticize music!” “I’m not! I’m just stating the obvious!” “Yeah, like the fact that you’re obviously trying to make me forget about my History research essay.” “Hey! It worked for a while!” “Work… I wonder what Dad’s doing at his work right now?” “Probably making graphs.” “Yeah, probably.” “What is the probability of somebody who annoys me walking by at this exact moment?” “For me, probably 999/1000. A lot of people annoy me.” “I wonder if I annoy anyone?” “Yes, you do. Even though we’re the same person, I’m still annoyed by you!” “Wow. I am so hurt.” “Do you realize how pathetic it is? The fact that I’m referring to a side of myself as ‘you’ and the fact that I’m talking to myself in my head?” “Yeah. We’re pretty pathetic.” “OMG! The warning bell just rung! I have to go to English!”

So, what did you think about that? You probably think that I’m crazy now. However, I honestly don’t care. Crazy is good. We’re all crazy. And magical. On that tangent, have a magical day!

A cappella

I have a feeling that even if I don’t mean for my posts to be about music, they still end up being about music! This is why I decided that I would choose a post topic on A cappella. Well, that and I was also inspired by the performance that the group Cadence gave to the choirs that went on a choir trip yesterday! After that concert, I admired a cappella even more. I now say that a passable a cappella group has to have good individual voices, a good one has to be able to sing well together, and a great one can deliver a performance. The latter is what I saw when I watched Pitch Perfect (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a movie about a cappella groups. Watch it!) and yesterday’s performance by Cadence. They went above and beyond in the concert by letting us (the schools’ choirs) engage by learning vocal techniques and songs that they used. It was amazing! So yeah, if you don’t already know, music has consumed my life! By the way, have a magical day!


When we’re younger, we all watch Disney movies. Don’t deny that fact. If you haven’t watched at least one Disney movie, you’ve missed out on a childhood. Just saying. I’ll say this though; Disney sometimes gives children unrealistic expectations. However, you grow out of these expectations as you get older. This being said, don’t be a cynic. I understand if you’ve had bad experiences and don’t want to get back in there, but don’t bash Disney just because they promote true love.

I honestly still love Disney. Not to the same extent as I did as a little kid, but I still love Disney. This might seem weird to you, but my favourite aspects of Disney movies are the songs. Disney always seems to have iconic songs! I tend to love the villain songs more than most others. Be Prepared from Lion King is a great example, as well as Savages from Pocahontas. The newer villain songs such as Mother Knows Best from Tangled are also pretty awesome.

Do you keep Disney in a spot in your heart? Let me know by leaving a comment or liking this post. If you’ve never come across this blog, follow it! Above all, have a magical day!

Ways to Say Hello

Oh, the many ways I could greet you. I can just say a simple Hello. I can send you a text saying “Hi”. If I want to flirt with you via text, a “Heyyy ;)” would be adequate. Back to in person ways of greeting you. If I have a desire to be polite, I can say a “Greetings”. I can wave if you’re far away and there’s no way that I can actually say a hello to you, but I still want to acknowledge your presence. However, if this scenario is true, and it is in a loud and crowded setting (my personal nightmare), I might just yell a “HEY [YOUR NAME]”. If I’m really ashamed of something I’ve done to you, I’ll likely be avoiding you out of shame. This means that a hello after you greet me will go something like this; “hi” [in a barely audible tone with my head down]. A similar greeting would happen if I want to be left alone and you still greet me after seeing the earbuds in my ears. If I’m on my period, there are a number of ways I could greet you, the most common of ways being “Do you have chocolate?” even if I don’t know you. If I haven’t seen you in forever, and have no idea who you are anymore and you say hello in an enthusiastic tone, I’ll say hello in an enthusiastic tone back and ask you how your life has been, while thinking “Please go away” and “What is his/her name again?”

You’re probably wondering why this is my blog post today. To be honest, I have no idea either. I just started thinking about this and writing. That’s probably how most of my posts are going to be. So, what did you think of this admittedly random topic? Please let me know! Goodbye, and have a magical day!

Hopeless Desert: Fictional Paragraph

Bleak hills of sand and despair. No water for hours of walking. The temperature isn’t very forgiving either. Searing rays of sun burn every inch of exposed skin. Sweat trickles down his face. The only hope is in the blue sky above, but even that is marred by the devilish Sun. This is just the winter; the summers are much worse. If there was a hell, then this would definitely be it. He knows it, and is only there so he can go to the heaven on the other side. He also can’t give up now, not even when the atmosphere is practically begging him to give up. After all, he hasn’t given up for thirty-three years, however much he’s wanted to. His life is passing him by as he’s trekking in this land. He’s used to loneliness now, but he still wants companionship. Every human desires this, deep in his heart. He hasn’t seen any animals for months, so he depends on the least satisfying plants for food. This place is so barren! He wonders if he’s going to reach his destination soon. Probably not; this passageway has a way of sucking all hope out of anybody who comes here.

Hi! Did you enjoy that little paragraph? Please let me know by liking this post, commenting or following my blog if you haven’t already! By the way, have a magical day!

Literacy Test Prep

Where I’m from, in Grade 10, near the end of March, you have to take this test called the Literacy Test. This means that we end up preparing for this test. Tomorrow, we’re going to have a day where we essentially spend the whole day preparing for this test. We’ve already done some prep before. It is so boring! Essentially, we just get practice Literacy Tests to write. SO BORING! A great (note the sarcasm) thing about this test is that the day that we’re writing it, all of the other high school grades get to take a day off! That means that my sister gets to rub it in my face that she already did it last year and that she gets a day off while I have to write this. It also seems to be extremely easy, so what’s the point? What does it prove? What does it show people about me? Not my knowledge, that’s for sure.

Sorry about the rant! It’s just that I am so bummed that we’re doing Literacy Prep for a whole day tomorrow at my school! I hope that you, unlike me, have a magical day!